: Practical Applications and Uses for Bacon

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pure, unprocessed bacon

More than any other substance since penicillin, bacon's uses and practical applications have helped to shape our society and define the way we approach meals and pop culture in the 21st Century.
Bacon has many forms which are all equally delicious when prepared and eaten, and is a perennial favorite for Americans and other meat-eating countries throughout the world. 

unsliced bacon steak (our namesake, y'all!)

a delicious BLT sandwich 

Cooked bacon has a myriad of applications! Bacon bits or crumbled bacon is used to garnish a variety of fresh salads, casseroles, and quiches, add pizzazz to sauces and gravies, and provides a base for sandwiches and omelettes. 
The mystique that surrounds bacon has inspired many industry-leading businesses throughout the world to use its positive imagery to help bring prestige and identity to their product lines.

Another company rides bacon's coattails to prosperity

Jorge Bacon & Liz Bacon (no relation) let their prestigious last name open doors for them

Bacon has always carried with it a tremendous amount of goodwill. Just the thought of a big tray of hot, succulent bacon is enough to put a smile on anyone's face.  In the spirit of that idea, thousands of individuals throughout history have adopted the Bacon name, and are reaping the positive benefits and happiness in their lives.
Is anyone in the world a better ambassador for bacon then the man himself, poster boy for the meat, Kevin Bacon? (Such a handsome devil, you get two of 'em)

Bacon Poster Boy X2