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You have arrived at the home page of the Legendary photo gallery.  Page updated June 5, 2002. 

Click on any of the links below to get to an index page of fun pics. There's 1000+ in all, so you should be able to piss away damn near a whole afternoon at work. We know what you're thinking, and you're right - we DID think of everything. Enjoy!

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Bobbie's Tattoo, Musikfest 2001

Bric-A-Brac (miscellaneous funny stuff)
Jay & Rich acting like idiots @ Chris Chilcoat's 1999
Cornbread group shots 1997-
Election Party @ Stony Road Farm 2000
Sara visits Stony Road Farm 2000
Halloween @ Cadwalader house 1997
Halloween @ Hank's house 2001
Holcombe Wedding 2001
J-Roc Goes to Europe 2000
Matt, Erik & Rich in New Orleans 2000
Memorial Day Softball Classic 2002
Natalie & Jassen - Day at the Park 2002
New Year's Eve 1999 (Rated R!)
New Year's Eve 2000
PT Cruiser, California Coast (Malibu) 2001
PT Cruiser, Jay & Rich @ Baseball Hall of Fame 2001
Rickett's Glen Camping 1997 
Rickett's Glen Camping 2001
San Francisco 2001
Santilli's Bachelor Party Aftermath 2001
Seattle & Jimi Hendrix' Gravesite 2001
St. John, Virgin Islands 2001
St. Louis Arch 2001
Uncle Frank's Camping 1997 (?)
Workman's Nebraska vs. Colorado party 2000

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