Can Ya Smell Da Steak?

 Take me Home, Dawg  

This is a prevalent theme throughout this site. At the present moment, there is actually precious little Steak on this page. Now, I don't want you to fret about this development...we really do have pure intentions and we'll have some shiznit up here soon.

Well, here goes nothin' : click the following link to go do something that most of us have only DREAMED about:'s a Virtual Steak. Aren't You lucky?


You may thank us later. -the Management


Bobbieclown.jpg - Bobbie as an evil clown 129 KB Bobbieclown.jpg
A live Cornbread groove - mp3licious, baby 9.4 MB Cornbread.mp3
Biggie Smalls is the illest - more mp3 goodness 3.9 MB Player's Anthem.mp3
Homer S. in the Land of Chocolate - Quicktime mov file 5.2 MB Land of
Jon Dellaira is Hilarious - New Year's 2000 - mpg / wmv 2 MB Jon Dellaira.mpg (Compressed)
5 MB Jon Dellaira.wmv (Streaming)
New Year's Eve 2000 Outtakes - mpg 46 MB New Years 2000.mpg (Full)
8 MB New Years 2000.mpg (Streaming)
Soul Glo song - Coming to America - mp3 600 KB Soul glo.mp3
Some kid shotguns 12 beers!  - wmv 6.2 MB dirtydozen.wmv
Pecos Pest - Tom N' Jerry - THIS IS SO RARE, IT'S FREAKING RIDICULOUS. YOU'RE WELCOME. 65 MB Pecos Pest.mpg (Full)
Wenis - The Christopher Lloyd Song (HOT HOT HOT!!!) 1.9 MB Christopher Lloyd.mp3
Wenis - Medusa 1.5 MB Damn Bitch You Ugly.mp3
Wenis - Sorry I Fucked Your Roommate 3 MB Sorry I Effed Your Roomie.mp3
Wenis - Al Hendrix Christmas 1.9 MB Al Hendrix Christmas.mp3
The Three Little Bops - mp3 (Here you go, Lower!) 6 MB Three Little Bops.mp3



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