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Greg S. Baradziej

It is the springtime of my loving and this is the first installment of weekly column about Led Zeppelin. You may ask, "how can you write a column about Zeppelin every single week?" Well, when you love fuckin' Led Zeppelin as much as I do, trust me, it's rather easy. But, as you may know, not all of you reading this may not be as enthusiastic about Zeppelin as I am, thus I will comment, from time to time, on other things besides the greatest band ever in da wurl. Led Zeppelin.

I'd like to tell you a short story about that happened many moons ago when I sat down in my room and turned on "Gallows Pole" written by Jimmy Page, Robert Plant, and Jimmy Page. Of course, this truly remarkable piece of history is on the Zeppelin III album. Their 1970 release from Atlantic records.

As the sweet sound of the guitar begins, I was already captivated by the magic that makes up this song. Soon Robert Plant's succulent vocals start in and I was fuckin' hooked! Fuckin' Led Zeppelin! If you are not familiar with this radiant and glorious testament of the greatest band ever, well allow me to take you on a lyrical journey so you may understand the song's meaning the next time you listen to "Gallows Pole."

It begins with a man at the Gallows who is ready to be executed, but low and behold the man sees his friends approaching on horseback and asks The Executioner to halt the hanging until his friend's give The Executioner some gifts, so that his life may be spared. Sadly, his friends did not bring anything with them. The hanging draws nearer and now the pace of the song has picked up a bit by adding a second guitar. This time, the accused has asked The Executioner to halt the execution a second time as he sees his brother coming. The Executioner agrees and this time, the brother has brought silver and gold. They offer this gold and silver to The Executioner to spare the man's life, but apparently it is not enough. The execution draws even closer. The accused, now frantic, begs with The Executioner to wait just a bit longer as he sees his sister approaching. The accused begs his sister to offer herself up for his life, she agrees and The Executioner, of course, agrees. Now fuckin' John Bonham's ferocious fuckin' drums come in and the fuckin' songs a-rockin'!

I'd like to take a moment right now to tell you how hard my head was rockin' at this point in the song. Jimmy Page's harmonic melodies make my hair stand on end!

So, The Executioner takes the accused sister to a shady brook or something and nails her, probably just as hard as Robert Plant banged all those teenage groupies so many years ago. The Executioner seems happy to have gotten gold, silver, and poontang and the accused pleads once more to The Executioner to spare his life. The Executioner retorts, and I quote from Robert Plant, "yes you got a fine sister, she warmed my blood from cold, she warmed my blood to boilin' hot, keep you from the gallows pole." You think, Ahhh, the accused is saved. He must have really liked that sweet, sweet pussy! The Executioner will let the accused free to ride many a mile, but then, the next verse.

"Your brother brought me silver and your sister warmed my soul, but now I laugh and pull so hard, see you swingin' on my gallows pole." At first, I thought, how horrific, but after some debating with my own thoughts, I figured, Robert Plant, being the pirate that he is, sees this as the only possible ending. Oh yeah, the ending is just more of that famous Zeppelin rockin' out!

Now that you know the whole story on "Gallows Pole," I implore you to visit this recording once more and truly listen to it. I mean, listen to the harmonic interludes between Jimmy Page and Robert Plant as well as the truly harmonious rhythm section of John Bonham and John Paul Jones. Fuckin' Led fuckin' Zeppelin!

As for my closing statements on this week's Zeppelin Corner, I can only say this:

Remember be nice to each other, cause then you can spread love and devotion to all the other Zeppelin fans. Because the greatest thing you ever can do now, is trade a smile to someone who's blue now.

It's very easy. It's very easy.

It's easy, easy.

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