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Greg S. Baradziej

Welcome my fellow Zeppelin fans. This is the second installment to what I like to call, "The Zeppelin Corner." My previous installment was late getting up onto the web due to the inadequacies of the Web Master, but soon enough if made it up, but sadly with very little fan-fare. To combat this problem, I urge webmaster Rick to attach a message board to "The Zeppelin Corner", so that we, the many fans of the greatest band eva in da wurl can comment on the topic of the week, or even comment on anything you'd like to talk about. Now I know its called "The Zeppelin Corner," but if you feel you need to weigh the pros and cons of Ratt's "Out of the Cellar," then by all means, do!

I was thinking out loud the other day. I said to me, "Greg, I know you rock and roll to fuckin' Zeppelin at least twice a week, but lately your rockin' out has become subdued to a degree." I wondered and thought many hours to find an answer to this complex question. Surely, I can not be tiring of Led Zeppelin. Surely, I can not be bored of the beautiful vocal arrangements forged like stone by Robert Plant? I truly am not disinterested in the bam-ballic hitting of drums by John Bonham? Could it be I am shying away from melodic guitar workings of Jimmy Page? How can I be disenfranchised by the orchestral settings by John Paul Jones? Could I realize that Peter Grant was bad manager? Does Richard Cole not manage the tour as well as he could

Like I said to you already, I thought these horrible things for a long long time. But always came to the same answer. No. These things do not trouble me. It is something far more evil. I have recently become aware of the fact that many, many websites dealing in the greatness of Led Zeppelin are in fact, misspelling their name!!! They do not spell it LED ZEPPELIN, but cause malice and injustice when their sub-par brains think the correct spelling is LED ZEPPLIN!  OH, THE HORROR!

L-E-D   Z-E-P-P-L-I-N   <-------What is that shit?  What does it mean? John Bonham must be turnin' in his grave!

Note this poor excuse of a "Zepplin" fan site:

Truly, that is not a real fan! They can not embody the soul, the power of the mighty Zeppelin force. They hold no quarter and if they did, I wouldn't ask to borrow it. Not from these people. Not today. Not Led Zepplin. Only LED ZEPPELIN!

It pisses me off when someone has so much love to give to a certain this instance I will call this band, Led Zeppelin, and it turns out these people do not even give them the proper respect, by spelling their name clearly enough.. You know? I mean, how can the harmonic interludes fly sweetly through the air, when it crashes and burns by an absence of the letter E!  Where is the second E in Zeppelin?  How rude and ungrateful?!?!?!?!  Why don't they just spell it LEAD ZEPLAN while their at it.


As I wrap up this edition of "The Zeppelin Corner," I must forget my disgust for these so-called Zeppelin fans. I know it's hard to and I keep telling myself, if you feel that ya can't go on and your will's sinkin' low. Just believe and you can't go wrong. In the light you will find the road.

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