The Zeppelin Corner - by Greg S. Baradziej

Hello Zeppaholics,

Tis I, Greg, your 17 year old Zeppelin fan freakola!

I’ve been out of the loop for some time. I’d like to welcome you all back to the Zeppelin Corner! I mean, jeez, you know, like, I fuckin' love Led Zeppelin, right, but sometimes, even I stray from the sweet sounds of Achilles Last Stand or the almost obscene pleasure I get from just hearing a few bars of Tea For One. Uhhh...Shit...

A few weekends ago, you all enjoyed a screening of my hit movie "Saved By The Zeppelin." Did you enjoy it? I think it captures all things Zeppelin! Okay, I’m better now. I had to quick change my underwear. I made an accident while typing Tea For One.

Damn it, I did it again! Be right back.

Okay, 3 minutes and 2 changes of underwear later, I will begin to tell you of my journey. It started a few moons ago, as I was traveling (riverside blues) in a boat across a great body of water. With me, only a sword; on me, only a fur coat. Imagine Robert Plant’s dream sequence in the hit movie, "The Song Remains The Same." Anyway, as I reached shore, I noticed a man picnicking by himself on the edge of the water. I slowly walked up to him and he turned and he had fire red eyes! Imagine Jimmy Page sitting on a blanket at the beginning of the hit movie, "The Song Remains The Same." I then left him and got in my car. It was a souped-up hot rod and I zoomed past what looked like the English countryside. I came across a man, wearin' a rain coat and rain hat, sort of, standing next to a bull. Imagine John Bonham standing next to that bull in the hit movie, "The Song Remains The Same." I approached him, but he disappeared and when I turned around, he was driving away in the hot rod. Then I decided to walk. After a few miles, I came across a little village. It was nighttime now and there was a man on horse back riding very fast into town. It seemed like people were after him. He had on a strange mask. He looked almost demonic! I hurried into a little cottage, but he entered the same cottage. I thought, "Fuck, if only I had "Houses" to get me through this ordeal!"

I ran upstairs and hid in the closet where he followed. I watched him enter the room and he took off his mask, and then read ‘Jack & The Beanstalk’ to some kids in bed. Imagine John Paul Jones reading ‘Jack & The Beanstalk’ to his kids in the hit movie, "The Song Remains The Same." Afterwards, I exited the room and went outside. I found myself back in my room. "Coda" in the CD player, "Hammer of da Gods" on my bed-side table, Jimmy Page looking up at me from my t-shirt. Oh, knew I was finally home!

Funny thing though, "The Song Remains The Same" wasn’t in my VCR????

I fuckin love Led Zeppelin!

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